Quebec and Western Canada


Conveyor Mechanism

The conveyor built into the chassis moves the load towards the rear door without the risk of side spillage associated with the unloading of traditional dumper trailers.

2 Hydraulic Motors

Located at the side rear, a main sprocket gear shaft pulls the conveyor even when it’s fully loaded.

Canvas Cover Mechanism

We design and build the fully adapted tarp cover system that comes with every live-botton trailer we manufacture to ensure that our customers can operate in rain, wind, and snow.

Automatic rear fender mechanism

Automatically lifts rear fenders as soon as the rear door is activated or as soon as the trailer backs up.

Air insulated bin

Keeps materials at their original temperature longer – ideal for keeping asphalt hot and allowing operations to continue even in winter conditions.

Galvanized subframe

The new galvanized subframe allows a longer life than paint and will look better for longer.

Security hooks

Rear door features 2 security hooks that open automatically when the door command is activated and close after the rear door is shut.

Maintenance-free conveyer mechanism

Automatic oiling system maintains conveyor system’s operation at optimum performance at all times.


  • Length: 47’ / 14,32 m.
  • Capacity: 50 V³(yd³) / 38 M³
  • Side height: 122” / 3,10 m
  • Max height: 133” / 3,38 m


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